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You're Not Alone

We’ve created this FREE online community to help you in your job search.  We also want to connect you with other people who are (or have recently been) looking for jobs and with our volunteer coaching network.  

We understand that your job search will not be successful unless you are okay, both physically and mentally.  We will share resources and conversations about looking for a job.  You can ask questions, get feedback, and learn new job search skills. We will also talk about everything else in your life that you need to manage at the same time. Losing your job is a crisis, but we can help you cope and find your next opportunity. 

Why You Should Join Us

  • A safe space to ask questions and share your concerns.

  • A chance to connect with peers and volunteer coaches.

  • A place to figure out solutions to problems.

  • Support for your overall well being.

  • A community for your search - we want you to participate! 


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